HGC believes in providing dedicated personal services to clients that best fulfill their needs, both on investment and family succession matters.

The firm has an intense focus on building and cultivating a team oriented culture of always putting the client first, relentlessly updating client situations and constantly striving for improvement.

Our Guiding Principles:

Put the interests of investors first in everything the firm does.

Care about downside before gains.

Acting as a fiduciary is a sacred trust that can never be broken.

Act with the highest level of integrity in every action HGC takes. The firm’s reputation is its most important asset.

Communicate with clients candidly and be as transparent as required for them to always understand what HGC is doing and why.

HGC is a private asset management firm. Our mission is to provide a dedicated service to our clients with tailored strategy to fit their investment needs. Delivering a superior risk adjusted return with a first class professional service.