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The Company

HGC is an investment management arm of the Henry Group, the largest immigration related investor in North America with an AUM of over US$ 4 billion.

HGC was reorganized from the investment division of the Henry Group which has accumulated over 10 years of investment experience from the group’s history in making investments across America in both real estate and private equity fields. With the growing investment needs of the group's clients, HGC was created as a substantially management owned professionally run asset management platform to better serve its clients for their global needs. HGC now manages a portfolio with AUM in excess of US$ 1 billion. HGC key executives have more than 30 years investment management experience. Its private client services are operated from Hong Kong and licensed under the Securities and Futures Commission in asset management, investment advisory and securities dealing activities. Supported by its investment centers with affiliated offices around China and North America it is able to assist clients to formulate financial solutions according to client’s objectives.

HGC developed its expertise in real estate and private equity from years of investment in building Henry Group’s investment portfolio. With a fully licensed investment center in Hong Kong it is able to access to full range of financial products around the world and capture special investment opportunities for exceptional return.

HGC Offices

HGC Private Client Services are operated from its main office in Hong Kong supported by affiliated offices in China and North America.

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