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Henry Group is the largest immigration related investor in North America.

The group has 26 years history in immigration related investments covering all major cities around the globe, with over US$ 4 billion in the United States alone in more than 50 projects. Total asset under management in excess of US$ 10 billion. Its investment partners include first tier developers and investment companies in both East and West. HGC is a key asset manager of Henry Group overseeing its investment portfolio.

Over the years, the group helped over 30,000 families immigrated to overseas locations. Henry Group consultants are strategically located in over 40 offices around China to services its clients. In addition, it has overseas offices in North America and Europe supported by affiliated local companies to help families to settle into local environment. Other than providing high quality immigration advise to prospective immigrants Henry Group also able to offer investment services to its clients through HGC in asset management and investment services.


Henry Group's key investment projects in its 26 years history: