HGC brings the highest level of commitment, experience, relationships and value-added solutions to achieve our clients' succession and investment goals.

Family Succession

The Hong Kong Legacy Academy identified five elements of family legacy which are family value, family relations, family knowledge, family wealth and family enterprise.

HGC family office is not money management services. The family office team of HGC is independent from the rest of the company’s financial services. It emphasizes in succession of intangible value of a family and transformation of a family run business into an organization with straight corporate governance and efficient management system.

Succession Consultants

Our family office consultants are highly educated professionals who will act as your Family Administrator helps you identify family value, set up family governance, clarify legacy issues and act as Minister at family events to ensure succesion of the family values to the next generation.

Succession of Intangible Family Values

You don’t need to be a wealthy family to consider family succession. All families have their intangible values. These cover entrepreneurial spirit of family members, sustainable family relationship, and family knowledge.

We help produce family constitution identifying family values include the founding members’ life story, idea, spirit and experience. Record family connections and knowledge for succession of the next generation.

We advise on establishment of family governance to manage family activities, including rules for periodic assemblies of the family members and council meetings to strengthen family communication and bond.

We help organize annual family retreats and family assemblies to sustain family relationship and propagate family values.

We act as Minister in Family Council to handle family decision and resolve disputes.

Mentoring family members and arrange for individual education according to family members needs.

Succession of Family Enterprise

Handing down a family business is a dream of many entrepreneurs who want to see the business they started thrive in the hands of the next generation. But statistics show that succession can be riddled with challenges.

We do not believe in family enterprise succession through transfer of management to next generation. We believe in succession through creation of family trust and building a professional management structure with proper check and balance to enable the next generation to benefit from a well run enterprise following the mission of the founder, without dependent on the successful succession of the next generation.

Most entrepreneurs have a fairly strong control-oriented personality. They typically bog down on daily operations and left no time in building an effective management structure. They have been so busy working in the business that they haven’t spent the time to work on building the skill set or engagement of the successive generation.

We help you establish family trust to protect family interest.

We advise you in putting family governance into place.

We help you build a professional management system to enable you to hands off from day to day operations, to allow yourself more time to coach and prepare your next generation into business, enable them to succeed your knowledge and connections.