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HGC Annual Meeting in 2020

Time : January 24,2020

In order to implement the long-term plan and strategic goals of HGC and plan the tasks for next year, HGC's 2019 year-end summary meeting was held from Wednesday to Monday (6 days in total) from January 15 to 20, 2020. The meeting included the 2019 year-end summary: the annual work summary report of each department and the partner cooperation content statement.

为贯彻兆瑞长期计划及战略目标,部署明年工作任务,兆瑞资本2019年度年终总结会议定在2020年1月15日~20日 周三至周一 (共6日),会议内容包括 1. 2019年度年终总结: 各部门年度工作总结汇报及合作伙伴合作内容陈述;2. 兆瑞全员年终会议:2015~2019年总结-得与失;2020年~2024年计划-危险与机遇、目标与责任。