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Visiting Duratti Rubber Corpration Co., Ltd

Time : May 24,2019

In May 2019, Mr. Dick Kwan, CEO of HGC(HK), went to Shan Dong Duratti Rubber Corporation Co., Ltd for a visit and project investigation in Qing Zhou.

Duratti Rubber Corporation Co., Ltd was established in 2011, with a total investment of USD 468 million, covering a total area of 1,000,000 square meters. The factory is designed for an annual production capacity of 15 million units of Passenger Car Radial tires. The company commits itself to be a professional and competitive tyre company. It invests in the top of the range research and production equipments from Netherlands, Germany, Italy, United State and Japan. The company also implements advanced technology for its tyre production and management. The company dedicates itself in research and marketing. The company believes in its customers and takes the after sales service very seriously. Customers’ satisfaction is its most important goal.