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Overseas Insurance Training Series 2

Time : March 07,2019

On February 27,Henry Zhang, senior vice President of HGC Hong Kong, conduct the second phase of financial and insurance business training in the guangzhou office. This time for specific product knowledge and sales skills of the actual combat training with several parts, including insurance knowledge review, product training, product comparison on the market, sales skills training, introduction to the process of signing and docking, and business knowledge assessment.

2月27日,兆瑞资本香港同事高级副总裁张永鸿将在广州办事处进行金融保险业务第二阶段培训,这次针对具体产品的知识和销售技巧的实战培训。从下午1点到7点,培训内容包含:保险知识回顾、主推产品培训、市场上产品比较 ,销售技巧培训、演示 、签单对接流程介绍、业务知识考核。