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Overseas Assets Allocation Salon Series - U.S. Trust and CRS

Time : November 08,2018

The implementation of CRS will lead to the transparency of financial assets at home and abroad. It also means that investors' overseas assets cannot escape a tax word, indicating that China will enter the era of global financial supervision. On October 22nd, HGC invited the senior solicitor from Drinker Biddle to present a wonderful salon lecture for HGC team and special VIP customers, explaining how to use U.S. trust strucutre and insurance to effectively avoid the practical solution of CRS.

CRS落地实施将导致众人海内外金融资产的透明化,也意味着投资人的海外资产也躲不开一个税字,预示着中国将进入全球金融监管时代。10月22日,兆瑞资本邀请Drinker Biddle的资深律师为兆瑞资本团队以及特约VIP客户呈现了一场精彩沙龙讲座,阐述了如何利用美国信托和保险有效地规避CRS的实操解决方案。